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MindPlan Productions is  a video production company dedicated to producing clear and creative stand-out video content, as well as providing exceptional professional and personal customer service.
Kate Levy
Founder and Managing Director

Kate Levy

Kate launched MindPlan Productions in 2014 after a career that included being a Director of a corporate video agency;   Director of Production responsible for launching a financial channel on SKY;  Executive Producer and Director of business television, infomercials and in store retail TV channels;  Vice President of the world's first 24hour online broadcast channel. In 2014 she shared in the excitement of executive producing  and directing work that won the People's Choice and Silver Dolphin award at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, as well as producing video for a campaign shortlisted for the Marketing Week awards 2016.


MindPlan Productions

We know that to stand out we have to be exceptional. We believe that we are.

In an age of detached anonymity it is time to say that 'this time it's personal'. We will guard your brand. We'll give you our time to clarify, understand and help communicate your message. Clearly, creatively and simply.


Our Partners

We choose to work with partners that are right for your job. They include directors, producers and lighting camera operators, writers, poets, musicians and award winning creatives. People we respect and are seen to be the best in class in the industry. We have the teams that produce cutting edge animations and tight and clean 3D graphics as well as the post production facilities and editors that make everyone look and sound great.

Our crews are experienced team players and when we are on site we pride ourselves in the fact we are the 'SAS', of corporate video - we get in and get out without anyone noticing.


And if you need a Screen Actors Guild signatory, Mindplan Productions can do that too.


Specialist areas of expertise


Corporate and retail sectors                                       Content strategy  


Video interviews /case studies                                  Compliance


Brand guardianship                                                      Animation and graphics


Script writing                                                                  Media training







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