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Some of our work

Much of the work we produce is protected behind firewalls. But here you can find some of the videos that we are able to showcase.   Contact us now to view recent examples of protected formal interviews, video tutorials, case studies and strategy reports.


Click on the thumbnails to play the video from Vimeo

salcomber sreen grb.jpg
We  were asked to showcase our clients 'new development. Four high end apartments for a global audience. Subtitled into Saudi, Mandarin, French and Russian.
Our Purpose
We  were asked to creatively showcase our clients 'Purpose' for a global conference. This is what you can produce in 10 days with a fabulous team and an 'A' list voice.
The Science bit
We produced 9 short videos with Dr Oliver Witard about Omega 3. This is for a new sports recovery drink.
Brand Ambassador Campaign launch 
When Pierluigi Collina became TMF Group's new Global Brand Ambassador we produced over 10 videos pieces in studio for both the internal and external campaign launch.
Campaign launch 
For the launch of Venture Further, our client wanted fast text and original music.  The information you take in when you do not blink is amazing. Do not blink! 
Case study

Some of our client case studies involve children and animals. Here is a lovely story about Rolo the Labrador, commissioned by Vet4life as a video testimonial.

Keyhole Surgery - click on the image to play

We produced a suite of videos for Vet4life to help them become the 'go to guys', for helpful veterinarian advice. We helped to write and edit the scripts and shot them all in one day at their Surbiton HQ.

High end consultancy animation - click on the image to play

This was a complex animation to create something really special for a new consultancy within a larger brand. Do you recognise the voice?

Children and glasses - click on the image to play

We were asked to produce a short case study about children and glasses for Focalpoint Opticians, and had these two gorgeous contributors who remained very happy despite the rain.

CEO strategy reports, HR announcements, Fund Manager Interviews - contact us to find out more about these examples.

This is when knowing about compliance helps. Confidentiality is key.

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