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Our services

We make video. Simple and straightforward. We tell your story.
The team at MindPlan Productions has a history of making video content for the financial sector, working closely within the constraints of the FCA.


We have worked in marketing retail with brands from Tesco to Marks & Spencer, in telecoms and supply chains logistics, creating both internal and external facing marketing content.


We have produced award winning content for companies such as Intertrust Group and TMF Group,  producing campaign launches, video interviews,  strategy presentations, case studies and product launch animations translated into Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Latam Spanish, We also offer subtitles when required.


MindPlan is currently (2023) offering consultancy services to Sage Publications as Video Content Editor, working with their academic manuscripts and their authors, writing and producing video interviews across their Sage Research and Business Skills catalogues.


Once you decide the story you need to tell, we will write it, storyboard it and produce it for you, and bring it to life.




We offer a video content consultancy and can oversee setting up your own in-house production facility,  Alternatively, we can join you and recruit and train your team.  We will audit what you have already produced and help to carefully strategize your video output to ensure it works across all platforms and aligns with your brand.


We also outsource Kate!  contact us now.

Video Content Strategy Workshop


Making ad hoc tactical video is fine - but it's an inefficient way to spend your budget. Planning strategic video content that ties in to your marketing calander makes more sense and will save you money. We will work with you on your marketing plans and integrate your video content with your brand.  We can help you to prioritise. 

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Media Training


If your CEO is dynamic in the boardroom but freezes in front of an audience, we offer media training so they are always at their best,  whether on film or giving a presentation. Our founder is a media trainer. CBT, NLP and DCH trained, we can ensure your spokespeople look, sound and feel relaxed and confident.  We will help make your videos, events, speeches and presentations go smoothly. 

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